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ChatGPT Tools 

In recent years, the utilization of AI-powered GTP technology [AC technology (Advanced AI Chatbots or AAC or AACs)] has experienced an upward trend in popularity. It has revolutionized our computer interactions, enabling us to accomplish tasks more swiftly and effectively, while also adopting a more natural approach. There are many ChatGPT tools that can help people to have good results. Some of the most popular ones include:

Flow ChatGPT: It is an advanced prompt tool that improves ChatGPT by offering a structured and interactive conversation experience through a flowchart-like interface

ChatGPT Prompts Splitter: It is an open-source tool available for safely processing chunks of up to 15,000 characters per request. It assists researchers in entering substantial amounts of text into Chat GPT without surpassing the character limit.

ChatGPT for Google: A browser extension that integrates ChatGPT into popular search engines to display ChatGPT responses alongside search results.

AI Engine: A WordPress plugin for integrating a ChatGPT-style chatbot on websites.

ChatGPT Desktop: A cross-platform solution with conversation history exporting options.

ChatGTP Everywhere: A Google Chrome extension for quick access to ChatGPT on the web.

ChatGPT for Gmail: A Chrome extension for more efficient email composition and management.

AI Post Generator: A WordPress plugin that creates high-quality content using OpenAI’s GPT-3 language model.

GPT3 WordPress Post Generator: A script that generates WordPress posts using OpenAI’s GPT-3 API and the WordPress XML-RPC library.

ChatGPT VSCode: A Visual Studio Code extension that enables OpenAI’s ChatGPT interaction directly in the editor.

ChatGPT macOS: A simple macOS application for quick access to ChatGPT from the menubar.

ChatGPT for JetBrains: A plugin integrating ChatGPT within the JetBrains IDEs series for code development assistance.

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1- 3 MEGA USEFUL ChatGPT TOOLS you’ll *actually use* for research! By Andy Stapleton YouTube Channel: This video highlights three valuable tools for researchers using ChatGPT. The first tool is the Chat GPT Prompt Splitter, which helps researchers input large amounts of text into Chat GPT without exceeding the character limit. The second tool is the Chat GPT Splitter, which serves a similar purpose. The video emphasizes the significance of prompt engineering and suggests resources like Flow GPT and prompt marketplaces such as for prompts. Another tool introduced is Promptster, which brings slash commands to Chat GPT, enabling users to generate content and ideas quickly without typing or copy-pasting. The video encourages viewers to explore these tools, share their experiences, and visit the creator’s website, which offers downloadable resources and a community platform.

2- 10 Most Useful ChatGPT Tools So Far: 

3- ChatGPT Prompt Splitter: Created by Jose Diaz is an experienced Head of IT skilled in software development, team leadership, and full-stack/mobile app development. | ChatGPT Prompt Splitter Powed by  Vercel is the platform for frontend developers, providing the speed and reliability innovators need to create at the moment of inspiration

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