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Morningside AI

Morningside AI is located in Dubai, UAE and it is a leading AI development company, specializing in autonomous agents, enterprise consulting, and chatbot development. The company focuses on empowering businesses with advanced AI solutions. It has created Morningside Education, a thriving community with over 35,000 members interested in AI.

Industry: Artificial Intelligence Development


– Autonomous Agent Development: Offering services in workflow automation, natural language to SQL, complex data pipelines, and self-adaptive systems.

– Enterprise Consulting: Providing strategy development, performance evaluation, use case identification, and feasibility assessments.

– Chatbot Development: Specializing in GPT development, secure solutions, knowledge response, and model tuning.

Key People

Liam Ottley – Chief Executive Officer

Josh Brown – Chief Operations Officer

Spencer Porter – Chief Technology Officer

Career Opportunities

Morningside AI offers career opportunities in Engineering, Design, Marketing, and Operations.

Recent Developments

– Launch of Agentive, a new platform transforming business owners’ and agencies’ leverage of AI.

– Active incorporation of OpenAI’s latest innovations.


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