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Advanced British English Words episode 1

Advanced British English Words episode 1

5 Advanced British English Words

Rage – Strong anger or fury. Example: He was furious when he discovered his car had been stolen.

Disdain – The sentiment of disliking someone or something and believing that they do not merit your attention or esteem. Example: He regards the political process with disdain.

Beams – Long, sturdy pieces of wood or metal used to support structures like roofs or bridges. Example: The old barn’s beams were rotting, so they had to be replaced.

Blaring – A loud and harsh sound, often produced by a horn, siren or music. Example: The blaring car horn woke me up.

Fray – A tense and often violent situation. Example: The argument between the football teams quickly turned into a fray, with players from both sides throwing punches.

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