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Wiki Special Glossary

Welcome to Wiki Glossary Special Page

Wiki Glossary or WGC (Wiki Glossary Creations) is part of a Wiki Special page Projects, it is designed for new terms that have never been used or are very rare. This is because, day by day, we are encountering more iOI (Information Overload Issues), which means being surrounded by an overwhelming amount of information, especially in the revolutionary field of AI (Artificial Intelligence). Therefore, introducing or using more Glossary is required to help us contribute to iOS (Information Overload Solutions), such as SL (Short-cut Learning), to overcome iOI. Here are the most recent ones, and we hope they can help you in reading our content and for your further personal development.

1- Gkall Study Methods: It is a method through which individuals can acquire general knowledge and simultaneously improve their selected language. Read more about Gkall here.
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