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What is a hyphen website? or the three w hyphen website?

What is a hyphen website? or the three w hyphen website? It is a new technology trending name for a website domain name, which starts with the three w (www) and then follows up with the hyphen sign (-).  It gives the website a great style looking, especially for a premium domain with dotcom (.com) extension. According to one of the most popular hosting providers, Godaddy with over 20 millions customers, the three (www) is a popular keyword and a widely used keyword. Also the dotcom (.com) is a  Great extension. For instance the which is listed as a premium domain name and the minimum asking price around one million US dollar.

The most expensive domain name ever sold in history for over millions according to reddit, fortunly,, godaddy  and Wikipedia as following premium domains names; valued at $872 million. – $345 Million, – $90 Million. 

Also a hyphen website refers to a website that includes a hyphen in its domain name. For example, “” is a hyphen website. The use of a hyphen in a domain name can help improve readability and clarify the meaning of the site’s name, but it may also affect search engine optimization (SEO) in certain cases.

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