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Car Parts Comparisons – Lucas bulbs vs Neolux bulbs 2023

Lucas bulbs:

Generally more expensive than Neolux bulbs

Considered to be of higher quality and more durable

Offer a brighter and cooler light output

Widely available at most automotive retailers

History: Lucas Industries was founded in 1872 in the UK and started manufacturing automotive components in the 1920s. The company was a major supplier of electrical and electronic components, including car light bulbs

Founder: Joseph Lucas

CEO: N/A (Lucas Industries no longer exists as an independent company)

Net worth: N/A

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Neolux bulbs:

Generally more affordable than Lucas bulbs

Still offer good quality and durability

Offer a more natural and warmer light output

May be harder to find in some areas

History: Neolux is a brand of the German lighting company, Osram. Osram was founded in 1919 and has been a major supplier of automotive lighting since the 1930s. Neolux was introduced as a budget-friendly brand in the 1990s.

Founder: Franz Kurnig, Willibald Mecklenbrauck, and Karl von Linde (founders of Osram)

CEO: Olaf Berlien (CEO of Osram)

Net worth: Osram had a net income of €248 million in 2020

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